1.5 hour SEO & tech support
coaching call

with Liane Walker

How a coaching call can help:

Food blog and recipe SEO can be confusing. Sometimes it helps to have someone with experience break it all down; someone who has seen it all, knows the tasks to prioritize, and the metrics that matter most. 

If joining the Foodie Digital community isn’t the right fit for you yet (but maybe soon!) this 1.5 hour video call can:

  • accelerate your learning
  • help you avoid common pitfalls
  • save you oodles of time researching online
  • give you confidence you’re headed in the right direction

Here's what's covered in a 1.5 hour video coaching call:

At Foodie Digital, we take an individualized approach to everything we do. On the call Liane will:

  1. Evaluate your recipe card plugin choice; ensure it’s configured to suit your content strategy
  2. Discuss the difference between food blog SEO and recipe SEO
  3. Dig into your current conversion rates for existing organic traffic
  4. Assess how well your crawl budget is used
  5. Evaluate your nofollow compliance
  6. Review site speed, performance optimization and Core Web Vitals
  7. Dive into the visitor metrics that matter most for food blogs
  8. Share other tips and tricks as they come up in conversation

After the video call, the Foodie Digital team will share 3 high-impact opportunities you can implement on your site right away.

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$375 USD for a 1.5 hour video call

I created my platform to give people evidence-informed, practical advice and nutrient-dense recipes to help them find health and healing. For years, no one was discovering my content. Working with Foodie Digital is a dream—they have a strategic expertise that has helped me up my game significantly.

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Using the right keywords for your food blog is only half the battle.

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