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Our WordPress support and SEO packages have everything you need for a secure, fast, reliable site—one that’s always improving


$ 349
billed yearly
  • (Or $389 USD month-to-month)
  • Onboarding audit
  • Design tweaks
  • Wordpress core updates
  • Plugin + theme updates
  • Secure offsite backups
  • 24/7 uptime monitoring
  • Security monitoring
  • Pinterest basics
  • Eligible for FD+ projects
  • Performance audit + basic optimization
  • Quarterly traffic report
  • Bi-monthly planning call
  • 1 SEO assignment per month
  • 2 keyword research requests per month
  • 3 tech support requests per month (more info)

Minimum 6-month commitment


$ 579
billed yearly
  • (Or $619 USD month-to-month)
  • Onboarding audit
  • Design tweaks
  • Wordpress core updates
  • Plugin + theme updates
  • Secure offsite backups
  • 24/7 uptime monitoring
  • Security monitoring
  • Pinterest basics
  • Eligible for FD+ projects
  • Performance audit + advanced optimization
  • Monthly traffic report
  • Monthly planning call
  • 2 SEO assignments per month
  • 4 keyword research requests per month
  • 6 tech support requests per month (more info)

Minimum 9-month commitment

The opportunity to work with Foodie Digital has been a godsend. The team has helped me out of some sticky technical situations that could have had a huge impact on my site’s performance. They’re an incredible source of information, direction, and motivation. I’m exceptionally grateful for all they do.

Additional Foodie Digital Services

FD+ Projects

Consistency of support is important to us. FD+ Projects are custom work that we do in addition to monthly membership.

Examples include theme changes, custom cookbook pages, campaign templates, landing pages, and much more. 

Each FD+ Project is supported with a clear Statement of Work and member involvement at key points in the schedule is required to ensure the success of an FD+ Project.

FD+ Projects are exclusively offered to members and the work completed is done at a discounted rate.

Recipe Index Development

A dynamic recipe index is on every food bloggers wish list, and it’s one of our favorite tools to develop. Our approach is mobile-first, SEO friendly and the turnaround is quick.

Our recipe index development framework includes an audit and clean-up of your existing category and tag structure before any development begins.

Recipe index development is exclusively offered to members of Foodie Digital. 


What do you cover in your onboarding audits?

We complete several detailed and thorough audits in a member’s first month, including a:

  • Site-wide audit
  • Plugin audit
  • Performance audit
  • Technical SEO audit
  • Historical traffic audit
  • Recipe card audit
  • Nofollow compliance audit

My host handles secure offsite backups and WordPress core updates. How is your service different?

Some hosting plans provide backups as a Managed WordPress hosting service, but do you know how often they back-up your site? What are they backing up? Is it just the database or theme files too? How about WordPress core updates and plugins? And uploads? It’s hard to know what’s involved.

With a web hosting provider, you are somewhat anonymous and your support is often generic. With us, we know you, your food blog, your theme, your custom design elements and, mostly importantly, your timing. We can better anticipate what’s needed, and when, to support your growth.

Another benefit of having us do the updates is that we understand how and why certain plugin updates may fail. We often choose to defer specific plugin updates if we know a bug fix is coming or if we’ve seen an issue on another Foodie Digital member’s site.

Also your web hosting provider may have secure offsite backups available, but in the event of a failure how comfortable are you finding and restoring  the right backup yourself?

What is an example of a quick-support request?

Support requests are big part of what we do and they’re a great tool for when you need a helping hand. We consider support requests to be any task that takes our team about 25 minutes or less to resolve.

Examples include:

  • Plugin advice, installation and configuration
  • Style tweaks to your theme (i.e., padding, colors, fonts, widgets)
  • Mobile experience tweaks (i.e., hiding unnecessary elements on mobile)
  • Peeking over the fence requests (i.e., “how did blog xyz achieve that?”)
  • Publishing problems (i.e., “I tried to publish a new post but it’s not showing up? “)
  • Interpreting advice (i.e, “Food Blogger Pro said xyz, would that work well for me?”)
  • Design tweaks to amplify email marketing efforts or a specific campaign 

This is just a shortlist though!

What is the biggest difference between Mix and Make?

On a monthly basis, Make is faster paced than Mix. Both service packages guide you toward improving your top posts, with manageable monthly SEO assignments: 2 a month with Make and 1 a month with Mix.  Also, the number of monthly tech support requests is different: 6 with Make, 3 with Mix. 

I work with a developer. Is there a package that's SEO only?

Like PB & J, tech support and SEO go together. We do not have plans for an SEO-only service package. Tech support and SEO converge all the time but for far too long they’ve been considered separate practices. We’re changing that and providing our members with holistic WordPress support.

Can you redesign my food blog?

We’re flattered you asked! But no, we do design tweaks only for Foodie Digital members. We are not a full-service, custom design shop. But we do work closely with the best of the best in design in the food niche and would be happy to make an introduction.

Can you help me switch design themes?

Theme change support is something we do do for Foodie Digital members as an FD+ Project. (FD+ Projects are custom work that we do in addition to monthly membership.) 

A theme change is member-led, and after the initial theme discovery and inspection is done by our tech team must be completed by a member within a two week period. 

What's a tech support request?

We define tech support as as  technical fix or design tweak that takes our team 25 minutes or less to resolve.

This includes active and responsive tech support—we don’t wait for you to find an issue to suggest improvements.

How can we help?

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